Let’s start with: “How are YOU?”

February 3, 2020

Gloria Felix, fourth-year College of Human Medicine Flint campus student, shares about her medical school experience in an article on AAMC: “Let’s Start With: How are YOU?”

I was talking to my friend on the phone a few months ago, and they asked “How are you doing? I answered: “Oh, I’m studying for my board exam, preparing paperwork for some rotations -- the same old, same old,” and the response from my friend was: “That sounds great, but I didn’t ask about how school is going, I asked how is Glo Glo doing?” The response surprised me and lingered on my mind for days. It made me think about how easy it is to become so focused on one aspect of our lives – like the identity of medical student – that we forget to acknowledge and nurture ourselves as whole people. Suddenly, it made me self- aware and caused me to ask myself: “How am I doing?” There are so many aspects that define us as individuals.

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