Flintstones Will.

Each year approximately 48 students advance to the Late Clinical Experience (LCE) curriculum and begin their last two years of medical school at the Flint Campus.

About two-thirds of our class participate in certificate programs, Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved or Medical Partners in Public Health, while others are regularly engaged with the community. Flintstones can often be found volunteering, participating in research opportunities with the Charles Stewart Mott Department of Public Health and working with community partners such as Carriage Town Ministries or the Shelter of Flint.

Students who choose the Flint Campus represent a diverse mix of interests within medicine from primary care to subspecialty care. They participate in clinical opportunities ranging from Family Medicine to Forensic Pathology to Maternal Fetal Medicine in a high-volume high-risk obstetrics center.

Flintstones take skills learned at the Flint campus to competitive residency programs across the state of Michigan and throughout the country. Graduates match into programs at Flint's community hospitals as well as University of Michigan, Stanford, Yale, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, Cleveland Clinic and more.

Whether our students stay here to train for residency or go off across the country, they remain an integral part of the Flint family.