Visiting Students

Please note that we are not currently accepting international students for elective rotations. 

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Flint Campus offers elective rotations for medical students from other U.S. medical schools. A maximum of two four-week electives can be taken for a total of eight weeks.  

Any cancellations or changes to scheduled rotations must be made at least 60 days before the rotation is due to start. Frequent changes or cancellations of rotations by a student may result in our refusal to schedule further rotations at our campus. Failure to show up for a rotation is considered unprofessional behavior and we reserve the right to cancel any other rotations for that student. 

Our electives are designed specifically for students who have attained MS4 senior status prior to enrollment. Students must have met prerequisites by completing their own school's required clerkship in the elective discipline being requested and any additional prerequisites, clarified when the elective is scheduled.

Prospective applicants who have already graduated from medical school are not eligible to participate. MSU College of Human Medicine Flint Campus does not coordinate observerships for residency programs. Shadowing with the college is not available for medical students from other institutions or GME. 

For questions regarding MSU Graduate Medical Education please contact:  

Hurley Medical Center
Deborah Wright
(810) 262-9319   

Tori Gervais
(810) 342-5606 

Have a question not covered on this page?

Contact the Flint Campus Community Assistant Dean’s Office

Students with concerns regarding safety, adequacy of personal protective equipment, adherence to policies, mistreatment, or any other topic may contact any of the following faculty/administrators for assistance, and should choose the individual they feel most comfortable reaching out to regarding their concern: Course Director/Instructor of Record, Community Assistant Dean, Director of the Late Clinical Experience, Assistant Dean for Clinical Experiences, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, Associate Dean for Community Academic Programs, or the CHM Student Resolution Advocate. 

Medical Students rights and responsibilities 

All MSU College of Human Medicine students and visiting medical students are encouraged to review the college's Student Resources & Policies page.  

Students should also review the SDC Student Guide book, the LCE Guide and Student Manual for Assessment and Promotion for additional policies and procedures, with specific attention to the following policies and procedures pertaining to the learning environment: 

  • Faculty Code of Teaching Responsibility 
  • Course Evaluation 
  • Student Mistreatment Policy  
  • Mandatory Reporters / Limits of Student Confidentiality 
  • Grade Appeal Process and Grievance Procedures 
  • Non-discrimination Policy 
  • Needle Stick/Exposure 

The Flint Campus Community Assistant Dean's Office is available to all MSU College of Human Medicine and visiting medical students to discuss any concerns/questions related to the learning environment.

  • For Academic Year 2023-2024, electives will be visible in VSLO beginning March 06, 2023. Applications will be accepted beginning April 21, 2023. Departments will begin reviewing applications on May 1, 2023.  
  • VSLO application acceptance offers will be communicated to applicants directly from the Michigan State University Lansing Community Assistant Dean’s Office beginning on May 26, 2023. 
  • Remit the one-time, non-refundable Processing Fee of $150, payable upon offer acceptance. 
  • A complete checklist with application requirements can be found by downloading the Application checklist 

For questions pertaining to elective scheduling and evaluations, please contact: 

Brittany Maki, Assistant Student Programs Administrator  
Phone: (810) 600-5617 

All students coming to Michigan State University for an away rotation are required to obtain and provide proof of full COVID vaccination (i.e. CDC Vaccination Card). 

Students who become ill on rotation must follow all current CDC and local health systems guidelines. For all absences and those related to quarantine please contact Student Programs Administrator: Ashley May ( and rotation preceptors/team. They will advise you regarding curricular obligations related to your absences, including scheduling implications and any makeup requirements.